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Open Letter to BET, TV One & OWN On HBCU Football Exposure

Dear BET, TV One & OWN,

This is Michael Robinson, Founder/CEO of Sleeper Athletes. After being in this business for 6 years and helping over 200 players get scholarships to HBCU’s, I’ve seen a major decline in professional football opportunities for HBCU prospects and it all comes down to EXPOSURE! If I’m right about your networks, you want to give blacks (Athletes, actors, directors, producers, etc) as much exposure as you can and you’ve failed to do that for these athletes.Screenshot (13)
On ABC News, NBC, CBS, & ESPN, they show multiple games EVERY Saturday thus giving these athletes major exposure to professional football teams around North America. It’s about time you do the same for our black athletes and televise MULTIPLE #HBCU games EVERY Saturday!

These teams are playing better football NOW than they have in the past and as a business man, I’ve learned that you come out better getting in on the ground floor of an investment over trying to get in when it’s hot. They kids deserve WAY more coverage and way more love than you’ve given them. Support our athletes and help them accomplish their dreams by giving them this much needed exposure. Support them with the same support you want from us. God bless you and I hope you seriously take this into consideration.


Michael Robinson

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