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LAVAR BALL….SITCHOAZZ down and be a father!


I’m completely over LaVar Ball! Don’t get me wrong, he’s done a great job as a parent. His three sons all have full scholarship offers from multiple schools, they are all great students, they have no criminal background and he has built a brand that he can live off of for the rest of his life. All goals I would probably have for my future kids. IT’S GREAT! The problem is he’s stealing the spotlight from the very kids he’s raised. If anyone watched Lonzo get drafted, they of course spoke to him on camera after the announcement and while donning his new #Lakers colored #BBB (Big Baller Brand) hat, he said…
“I’m going to tell you what: Lonzo is going to take the Lakers to the playoffs his first year. Come see me when he does. I’ll have another hat on that say, ‘I told you so.'”

Can you let your son have his moment? Can the kid get any shine from this? No because he’s too busy throwing himself in front of the camera. There have been famous actors and hall of famers in a number of sports with sons that played ball and they never acted like this yet an average athlete at best during his time, steals the glory from his son during his shining moment.
Let’s also not act this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a father train their children and get them into the professional ranks. Did Richard Williams not do this same thing with Venus and Serena, minus the brand? Yet Mr. Williams never stole the spotlight from his daughters. He let them have all the shine. It’s funny they’re both from Compton. Anyway, this is a classic case of a father living through his son(s) because he didn’t have the physical ability to do it himself. Mr. Ball has indirectly put a HUGE target on his sons back. While he’s helped his son, he’s also hurting him. If I was playing against Lonzo, I would be licking my chops, waiting to play against him so I could dunk on his ass just to shut his dad up!
LAVAR BALL….SITCHOAZZ down and be a father!

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