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The Definition of a Sleeper:

A Sleeper is an athlete that is not highly publicized by major publications, but is a valuable contributor to any particular team, whether they are playing for a small, large school, winning or losing team.

Our goal here at Sleeper Athletes is to give exposure to these lesser known athletes. This service, available for coaches and parents, will allow them to have their student-athletes properly exposed to colleges around the United States in hopes of receiving a scholarship from any schools that are interested in their particular talents. The main focus of Sleeper Athletes is to service the smaller colleges around the United States ranging from FCS (Division I-AA) to NAIA.

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Sleeper Athletes offers athletes exposure to your staff with the use of statistics, highlight videos and player profiles including GPA, test scores, progress reports and high coach recommendation letters for your review.

With connections in the states of Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Ohio including over 100 high schools and growing each day, I’m sure Sleeper Athletes will be able to find the player you’re looking for.

Every high school has kids that are too short, too slow, academically challenged or just not good enough for the FBS (Division I-A) level that deserve a chance to play football, just like the top ball players and Sleeper Athletes allows them to do so.

I was a two-star wide receiver in South Florida and I had difficulty getting into college and I promised myself that if I ever got a chance to give back and allow these kids to have the opportunity I didn’t, I was going to do it and this is my way of doing it.

Football is the only sport Sleeper Athletes is focusing on right now.