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5 Reasons Why Devin Bush Sr. Will Be Michigan’s Next Safeties Coach


5. Familiar With The Program – Bush has served as a defensive analyst for the
Michigan Wolverines for the last two years and has seen firsthand what head coach Jim Harbaugh is trying to build and where he wants to take the program. bushfsu

4. Passion – Bush is not just extremely passionate about the game but also about teaching his players the game and making them better. He loves watching film, getting on the white board, drawing schemes and learning what he can about the game.

3. Recruiting – Bush, being a native of Miami, Florida, he has major recruiting ties in arguably the best area for recruiting players, South Florida. He won’t just recruit South Florida well, he could anywhere and recruit because he relates to the players most coaches can’t and he’s very honest about how the recruiting game works. There’s nothing players like more than someone who’s honest and upfront.


2. Playing Experience – Bush played safety for the Florida State Seminoles from 1992-1994, winning three ACC Championships, named All-ACC all three years and won a National Championship in 1993 while learning from legendary Seminoles defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews
Bush was drafted in the 1st Round by the Atlanta Falcons with the 26th overall pick in 1995 NFL Draft and spent eight seasons in the league. Five years later, he won a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams.


1. Coaching Experience – Bush was the head coach at Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines, FL., where he coached his son, current Michigan Wolverines All-American linebacker Devin Bush Jr., starting safety, Josh Metellus and redshirt freshman linebacker Devin Gil in 2015. Before joining the Wolverines staff, Bush led the Falcons to it’s first 8A State Championship.


Bottom line: Devin Bush, Sr., not only has the intangibles and resume to be a great coach at Michigan but he has what a lot of coaches don’t have and that’s tons of success. He’s won a National Championship and a Super Bowl as a player and high school state championship. Bush wants to win, knows how to win and knows what it takes to win. Success breeds success and Bush defines that. He will always coach the Wolverines safeties up, give them a winning mentality and will always get the most out of his players. That success will rub off on the players. This wouldn’t be a hard decision for me if I was Harbaugh. I personally believe he will get the position full time and begin the 2018 season as the Michigan Wolverines safeties coach

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